Naga City Guide Goes Food Hopping at Villa Caceres Hotel

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Villa Caceres Hotel is known for its amply furnished and beautifully designed rooms that bring about comfortable stays. But what some may miss out is that the hotel is also a superb food hopping destination. This is mainly due to its restaurants that offer great food and great ambiance. This is what Naga City Guide explores in its latest feature for Villa Caceres Hotel. The scrumptious food guests can enjoy in the in-house restaurants of this accommodation in Naga City take center stage in its latest entry.
Villa Caceres Hotel Restaurants Food Hop Naga City Guide

Some of the food items featured in the latest blog post of

In the article, Villa Caceres Hotel Restaurants Food Hop, blog author Bhenks went on a gastronomic tour of the hotel’s dining places during an overnight stay with the family. First was a lunch at Rolando’s Cafe, then snacks at Anne’s Pool Bar, and dinner at Bistro Roberto. The writer commended the taste of the dishes in each restaurant. About the Chinese Vegetable Lumpia at Rolando’s Cafe, she says, “It’s such a wonderful combination of different tastes, flavors and textures. Everything just melds together so perfectly. Moreover, it’s not just the taste, which is spectacular for something that appears to be so simple. It’s the experience, too. I don’t know what it is about rolling your own lumpia that makes it so much tastier, but it undoubtedly makes everything more appetizing.” At Anne’s Pool Bar, the author raves about something besides the food. “Anne’s Pool Bar does a mean buko shake. I highly recommend it,” she wrote. Meanwhile, outside its menu, she takes note of the ambiance of Bistro Roberto. “[It] seemed to pulse with excitement. The multicolored lights, the loud music, the buzz of unintelligible conversation – all these made the place feel very much alive.” And about the service, the author has nothing but good words. “From Rolando’s Cafe to Anne’s Pool Bar to Bistro Roberto, the staff was very prompt to attend to our wants and needs.” You can read more about her food hopping experience in For more information on Villa Caceres Hotel and its in-house restaurants, call or text 0917-1254062 or 0920-9679652. Get the best room rates by booking via the website.